Production is one of our major departments, specialize in refining and fractionating our raw materials (Crude Palm Oil / CPO and Crude Palm Kernel Oil / CPKO) with a total of 2 refinery plants; with joint capacity of 1500 MTPD, and 2 fractionation plants with a total capacity of 1600 MTPD for producing normal olein IV 56, and 800 MTPD for producing super olein IV 60. Our modern and highly integrated production facilities are maintained by a team of highly skilled personnel. The synergistic and mutual co-operations coupled with the innovations and wealth of experiences gained over the years has helped sustain our rapid and dynamic growth as a major palm oil producer in this region. Through prudent management planning, hygienic and advanced techniques, high levels of dedication and commitment, we are able to achieve maximum productivity. We can offer our customers high quality products at competitive costs with the best possible services available.

Refinery Plants

Fractionation Plants